Two Confirmed Hacked Counties in Florida
At least two counties in florida have been confirmed to be penetrated by Russian Hackers seeking voter identifiable information, says Florida State Governor.
Future Voting Machines and the Firms that Build Them
A good summary of the voting machine industry, as well as a lesson in how lots of money with little knowledge isn't usually a good thing.
Voter Registration Databases are Often Wrong
Voter Registration databases are consistently incorrect across the nation, including databases in Wisconsin where 22% of voter registrations couldn't be matched with other data sources.
Leaked NSA Report on Russian Spearphising
This leaked document from the NSA documents the attacks made by Russia, including technical details of the phishing attempts (p. 3 & 4).
Better Design, Better Elections | Brennan Center Report
This report from the Brennan Center is extremely interesting, especially pages 15 - 34 where four usability-centered problems are detailed. In particular, between fifty and sixty-thousand votes were lost in New York's 2010 election because of usability issues. I highly recommend reading this if you believe the voting system isn't in need of rethinking.
Blockchain Voting and Why it's Dumb
The first article is about Voatz, a private blockchain voting firm. I have heard through the academic grapevine that the CEO and inventor of the technology behind VOATZ can't back up his claims when confronted with real crypto experts, although I cannot personally confirm this. The second link is a report on why the term 'blockchain' doesn't really mean anything when you apply it to voting systems.